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Welcome to Optimal Phlebotomy Clinic. Discover what makes us Baltimore's leader in phlebotomy training.

Who We Are

Women Colleagues

Minority Owned 

We are a Black Woman Owned business located in Baltimore, MD.

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OPC Founders possess over 40 years of combined healthcare experience and industry knowledge.

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We are passionate about teaching individuals a new skill that may avail opportunities for economic growth, career advancement, and ultimately a better quality of life. 

Who We Are

Meet Our Founders

Healthcare Professionals & Licensed Phlebotomists

Meet Our Founders
Shebretta Sheridan.jpg
Shebretta Sheridan-Branch

CEO & Founder

Shebretta Sheridan-Branch, 
CEO & Founder

Takeey Wiggins.jpg


Takeey Wiggins,

Laboratory Scientist

About Us

Optimal Phlebotomy Clinic (OPC) was founded in 2018 by healthcare professionals Shebretta Sheridan and Takeey Wiggins. As Certified Phlebotomists with over 40 years of combined healthcare industry experience, Shebretta and Takeey had a deep yearning to share their knowledge and expertise with young adults who are pursuing careers in healthcare as a path to job stability and career advancement.


OPC's grand opening is slated for August of 2021. Upon opening, the company will offer an extensive six week phlebotomy licensure program followed by a two week continued education program for healthcare professionals.


As Baltimore's leader in phlebotomy training, OPC hopes to be known as the "Chic-Fil-A of Phlebotomy Programs" by setting a standard of excellence, with a strong value on education and experience. Within the next 2-3 years, OPC's aims to become an operable phlebotomy clinic; offering ongoing training programs, equipped with blood drawing stations to service healthcare providers and facilities in the Baltimore metro area.

About Us
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Mission Statement

We believe strongly in providing young adults with the opportunity to train and obtain a phlebotomy licensure for the purposes of securing or advancing to a career in the healthcare industry.


For this reason, our training programs are designed to equip students with the technical and practical knowledge required to become Phlebotomists, supporting individual economic growth and urban sustainability.

Our Mission

Our Values



We offer an exceptional training quality and classroom presentation while maintaining a friendly yet professional presence.



Our extensive phlebotomy training programs are facilitated in both the classroom and clinical settings because we believe in equipping our students with the practical knowledge required to fuel their healthcare careers.



With over 40+ years of combined industry experience, OPC Instructors are highly skilled in the art of blood drawing and specialized phlebotomy techniques.

Our Values
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